A unique holistic retreat holiday for fitness, includes Yoga Flow,  Pilates style exercise integrated with CardioKinetics and Self Spa retreat pampering activities by the edge of the sea in Zakynthos, also known as Zante in the Greek islandsEnergyia Holistic Fitness Activity Holiday Retreats in Greece, with leading fitness professional, author, presenter, and producer, Michele Wilburn, on the glorious island of Zakynthos,(Zante) will take place during the summer in the Greek Islands.

In 'back to nature' locations, surrounded in olive groves and lovely gardens, right by the sea,  Energyia holistic fitness activity holidays in Greece on the Greek Island of Zakynthos provide a perfect chance to retreat for relaxation, rejuvenation, and revitalization. Energyia Holistic fitness activity Holiday retreats  in Greece on the Greek Island of Zakynthos provide outreach activities for health, fitness, yoga, beauty, detox, self spa, thalassatherapy and well-being.

In the true spirit of the ancient Greeks, Energyia holistic fitness activity holidays provide retreat activities with a focus on unified mind, body and spirit. Holistic fitness activity holiday retreat guests in Greece on the Greek Island of Zakynthos  share fitness and workout tips and techniques from my 'Top to Toe' Zante Energyia Pamper Plan, with SELF-SPA PAMPERING holistic holiday retreat workouts, at the edge of the sea. Holistic fitness holiday retreat activities also include daily yoga holiday retreat exercise and meditation, reflection and consultation practises, to define the body and refine the mind.

Energyia holistic fitness holiday retreat activities in Greece on the Greek Island of Zakynthos integrate sessions from my newly filmed Energyia Kinetics™ holistic exercise workout DVDs, including Energyia holiday Yoga Flow™ yoga derived and pilates-style conditioning. Energyia CardioKinetics™ and of course beach holiday workouts - all designed to sculpt, balance and define your body from top to toe! I will be releasing the first few in a series of ten new DVDs over this summer.

You can arrive on holiday in Greece on the Greek Islands of Zakynthos for an Energyia holistic fitness activity holiday retreat any day of the week, and opt in and out of holistic fitness retreat activities to suit your schedule and your holiday mood. 

Energyia holistic fitness holiday retreats in Greece on the Greek Island of Zakynthos provides a unique holistic fitness activity holiday retreat in the Greek Islands - a time of inspiration to pause and reflect, pamper, strengthen and revitalize body and soul - lapping up the mystical moods of the Ionion sea, the charming countryside of Zakynthos, the wonderful spirit of the people, and a wealth of Energyia holistic fitness holiday retreat activities designed to enhance well-being, and revitalize your energy.

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Energyia Kinetics™ Energy in Motion! Michele Wilburn's New Revolutionary Exercise system based on Balance of Body & Soul!

Energyia holistic fitness activity retreat holidays with Michele Wilburn are taking place this year in the holiday retreat locations of Porto Koukla and Tsilivi - both lovely regions on the island of Zakynthos, also known as Zante, in the Greek Islands.

Energyia Kinetics provides a revolutionary system of holistic fitness and exercise workouts - developed by fitness professional, author and producer, Michele Wilburn, in over 25 years as a fitness professional.


Zante Energyia Kinetics™ Workouts for Body & Soul, presented by Michele Wilburn, are being prepared for release on DVD! Energyia Kinetics Holistic Fitness Holiday retreats in the Greek Islands this summer give you a chance to take time out to release and relax tensions, focus on fitness of body and soul! Join me in Zakynthos - come on your own or with family and friends!


Energyia Kinetics exercise provides a practical approach to fitting exercise into your daily lifestyle

Energyia holidays in Zakynthos provide holiositc activity retreat sessions with Energyia Kinetic ExerciseEnergyia Kinetics™ exercise sessions, integrated into your Energyia holistic fitness holiday retreat in the Greek Islands, help you experience a sense of wholeness as you move and challenge your body to strengthen, stretch, streamline and heal, tuning the mind, freeing the spirit, and balancing energy.

Energyia Kinetics™ exercise workouts integrate developments in yoga, osteopathy, the Feldenkrais method, rebounding, cardio science, pilates, aerobic conditioning and rebounding - to name but a few.

The revolutionary approach of Energyia Kinetics™ focuses on good posture, whole fitness, strength, agility, cross=crawl practises, grace and flexibility. In gaining mastery in the control of your body a conscious grace pervades your well-being, energy is recharged.


Moving Energy Around

Techniques in Energyia workouts activate the movement of energy in the deep organs and systems of your body to dissolve tensions in muscular armour -  freeing trapped energy and providing a firm foundation upon which to boost your strength and endurance.

Energyia Kinetics  progressively improves your total fitness performance -  you'll be surprised how quickly you improve skills. Agility, balance, rhythm reaction time, co-ordination, strength, endurance and confidence.





Energyia Kinetics™  provides a well balanced versatile exercise system. Sessions are designed to activate energy meridians, increase lymphatic and fluid circulation, and break down muscular tension before building on essential fitness components to strengthen and streamline your body.

With a systematic approach to the structure of exercise sessions you achieve a strong flexible body, without straining joints.





Energyia Kinetics Workouts on holiday in Zakynthos include:

Energyia kinetics exercise on holiday in zante

  • Breath Flow for Energy: simple step by step practises; renewing energy through your breathing, and woven through exercise sessions
  • Mobility Flow: workouts and warm ups for mobility and suppleness
  • Energyia CardioKinetics™ for stamina, the health of your heart; including Dance, Step; Skip, Swing & Bounce!
  • Energyia LymphFlow: Stroking techniques combined with breath to recharge energy
  • Energyia Cross Crawl: brain & body balance integration through movement - Cross crawl patterning for right and left brain and body balance
  • Yoga Flow: for balance. flexibility, strength, and toning
  • Partner Stretching: Deep Stretching, moblity, strength & essential stretch
  • Holistic Sculpting: Total Body Toning, endurance and strenth with yoga-derived and pilates-style routines, and aerobic- style workouts
  • Energyia Balls & Bands: to strength, streamline, stretch and tone
  • Energyia Spikey massage balls: self massage and deep muscle tonics
  • Stress Ball workouts: for meditation and relaxation
  • Better Backs: back care mobility, recovery and maintenance
  • Delightful eyes: Clear Vision and improvement
  • Rebounding: Mini trampoline rebounder exercise with Starbounding mini trampoline rebounding
  • Energyia Eco-challenge: Power walking/ strength circuit  incorporating bodywork performed at various sites. A refreshing, energetic outdoor experience.

    All levels of fitness, all shapes and sizes

    Techniques from Energyia  Better Back daily exercise sessions are included in all WorkoutsEnergyia Kinetics™ Workouts, releasing on DVD this summer, are integrated into the Energyia holistic fitness holiday retreats in Zakynthos this summer, provides distinct exercise and meditation practises, performed from a strong foundation of postural balance and awareness of breathing.





    Integrating CardioKinetics™ for Strength, endurance and aerobic fitness, with Energyia YogaFlow™ for flexibility and Balance, a variety of yoga derived and pilates style techniques, the exercises open up and free the flow of energy, encouraging optimum well-being, healing and fitness.

    Exercise holidays with a holistic touch for body and soul in the truest sense of the ancient  Greeks - a strong body for a sound mind.Energyia Kinetics Workouts move from a point of complete relaxation to a fullness of energy with a  focus on techniques for flexibility, balance and strength - always moving back to a point of complete relaxation to balance and revitalise your energy and fluids, recharging the spirit. Energyia Holistic Fitness Holiday Retreat exercise programmes integrated into Energyia holistic fitness holiday retreats, include Energyia yoga flow pilates-style workouts, with a wholesome focus on developing fitness and well-being.




    Energyia holistic fitness holiday retreats encourage personal development and well-being, with a focus on fitness of mind, body and spirit, in the wonderful location of Zakynthos in the Greek islands.

    Energyia Holistic fitness holiday retreats are located in different places around Zakynthos. This enables you to choose accommodation and the style of holiday you are looking for.


    A variety of yoga-based, pilates style workouts, coupled with fitness and yoga activities for strength, agility, balance and endurance  encourage deep relaxation, rejuvenation and a great chance to learn, share and enjoy - all coupled with relaxing and light-hearted holiday activities, in many awe-inspiring locations around zakynthos - to revive your energies!

    You will get a good workout during each session, but only to a point of overload and challenge that is comfortable for you. 

    Immediate transforming powers are released with Energyia Kinetics™ exercise!

    Whether you want a yoga retreat, pilates style retreat workouts, a meditation retreat, or self spa retreat activities including pampering by the edge of the sea, you are sure to find the best blend in fitness retreats, yoga retreats and self spa retreat activities in the Energyia approach to  your retreat holiday in the GREEK ISLANDS. Email me to check availability. My Energyia holistic fitness holiday retreat groups are small - between 1 and 12 people. This measn we really get a chance to get to know each other, and provides a nice balance of rest and relaxation with activity and fun throughout your holiday.



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    Energyia holistic fitness holiday retreats are designed to help you relax and revive your energy, with fitness, yoga flow holiday workouts and Cardio_conditioning - the Energyia Kinetics Way - Energy in Balance - Energy in Motion!

    A Whole Focus on Fitness

    :: Flex the Mind & Stretch the Body
    Deep stretch provides a great way to move the energy and the fluids throughout the body back into balance

    Since completing the Starbound mini trampoline rebounder production, including my best-selling Starbound book, Starbound Workout video, and mini trampoline range of rebounders, I've been filming a new system of holistic exercise programmes for health, well-being and fitness - Energyia Kinetics

    Energyia Kinetics DVDs

    Energyia Kinetics Workouts for Body & Soul are being prepared for release on DVD

    A number of meditation techniques and chakra releases are woven through Energyia exercise sessions

    Energyia Kinetics™ exercise puts you in touch with your mentor  inside.

    Your body, mind and spirit holds the power  to release blocked energy. Techniques, woven into your everyday schedules, as lifestyle practises hold the key to balanced fitness and well being. Meditation and deep relaxation, as an essential part of all exercise routines, stimulate health, fitness and well-being through natural and mindful practises.

    A variety of techniques and approaches are practised within Energyia meditation sessions which form a distinguished element of the Energyia Kinetics™ programme for holistic health and fitness.

  • Meditation & Deep relaxation

  • 5 Steps for problem solving

  • 5 Steps of Spirituality

  • Energyia Stress Spacers: learn how to relax properly, release stress, and adopt a positive attitude

  • Energyia Chakra rechargers: simple techniques to rebalance energy and focus the mind

  • Energyia Self-spa massage & pampering

  • Managing Time: Maintaining a suitable Holistic exercise practise schedule!

  • Making Plans & Setting Realistic  goals; Mind-mapping and Mind- setting

  • :: ENERGYIA Power in Pulsing

    Energyia Kinetics employs a number of methods to move your energy around.

     Attending Energyia retreats in Zante in the Greek islands provides an ideal time to share and learn how to plan and benefit from a well-rounded approach to fitness, health, beauty and spirituality, with practises that you can practically slot into your lifestyle.

    Pulsing gently raises lymphatic flow, by deepening respiration and breathing patterns, whilst activating muscular contractions of the calves and abdominal muscles.

    Pulsing at the beginning of Energyia Kinetics workout sessions gently increases lymphatic circulation.

    By including mobility techniques at the beginning of Energyia workouts, you release locked tension. Sound, breathing, and facial mobility integrated into workouts add variety to sequences, keeping fluid and energy moving.

    The Body is the temple of the Soul; what is felt by one influences the other; a whole approach to fitness through spiritual, and physical practises frees the mind to expand. contemplate fully and release stress and tension

    Holistic fitness retreats to recharge your energy and well-being

    Energyia Holistic Holiday Retreats with Michele Wilburn, combine a wholesome focus on fitness with Energyia Kinetics™ workouts; CardioKinetics™ with a well rounded fitness programme for strength, conditioning, and aerobic fitness.


    Energyia holistic fitness holiday retreats are taking place throughout the summer of 2007 with Michele Wilburn. Chose your accommodationa nd email me to check availablity.

    Alongside a revolutionary approach to Mobility and Stretch with Energyia Retreat Yoga Flow™ - yoga derived and pilates style exercises - you feel the benefits to health and well-being.

    Natural self-pampering spa retreat activities provide a great foundation upon which to take care of yourself from top to toe when you get back home!

    Energyia Kinetics™ exercise integrates holistic management of energy for health, vigour and happiness - a positive approach to improved health, fitness, happiness and spiritual well-being. Health, fitness and happiness for all.



    Energyia holisitc fitness holidays in the Greek Islands consist of small groups - beween 1 and 10 to ensure your personal attention.

    Email michele@energyia.com
    Phone messages are logged daily
    UK telephone (0044) (0) 207 2841918

    Many of my holiday guests arrive solo or in small groups. Everyone is welcome! We have a weekly schedule as a holiday outline, which remains flexible, allowing for spontaneity as your Energyia holistic fitness activity holiday retreat unfolds.