A unique holistic retreat holiday for fitness, includes Yoga Flow,  Pilates style exercise integrated with CardioKinetics and Self Spa retreat pampering activities by the edge of the sea in Zakynthos, also known as Zante in the Greek islandsEnergyia Holistic Fitness Activity Holiday Retreats in Greece, with leading fitness professional, author, presenter, and producer, Michele Wilburn, on the glorious island of Zakynthos,(Zante) will take place during the summer in the Greek Islands.

In 'back to nature' locations, surrounded in olive groves and lovely gardens, right by the sea,  Energyia holistic fitness activity holidays in Greece on the Greek Island of Zakynthos provide a perfect chance to retreat for relaxation, rejuvenation, and revitalization. Energyia Holistic fitness activity Holiday retreats  in Greece on the Greek Island of Zakynthos provide outreach activities for health, fitness, yoga, beauty, detox, self spa, thalassatherapy and well-being.

In the true spirit of the ancient Greeks, Energyia holistic fitness activity holidays provide retreat activities with a focus on unified mind, body and spirit. Holistic fitness activity holiday retreat guests in Greece on the Greek Island of Zakynthos  share fitness and workout tips and techniques from my 'Top to Toe' Zante Energyia Pamper Plan, with SELF-SPA PAMPERING holistic holiday retreat workouts, at the edge of the sea. Holistic fitness holiday retreat activities also include daily yoga holiday retreat exercise and meditation, reflection and consultation practises, to define the body and refine the mind.

Energyia holistic fitness holiday retreat activities in Greece on the Greek Island of Zakynthos integrate sessions from my newly filmed Energyia Kinetics™ holistic exercise workout DVDs, including Energyia holiday Yoga Flow™ yoga derived and pilates-style conditioning. Energyia CardioKinetics™ and of course beach holiday workouts - all designed to sculpt, balance and define your body from top to toe! I will be releasing the first few in a series of ten new DVDs over this summer.

You can arrive on holiday in Greece on the Greek Islands of Zakynthos for an Energyia holistic fitness activity holiday retreat any day of the week, and opt in and out of holistic fitness retreat activities to suit your schedule and your holiday mood. 

Energyia holistic fitness holiday retreats in Greece on the Greek Island of Zakynthos provides a unique holistic fitness activity holiday retreat in the Greek Islands - a time of inspiration to pause and reflect, pamper, strengthen and revitalize body and soul - lapping up the mystical moods of the Ionion sea, the charming countryside of Zakynthos, the wonderful spirit of the people, and a wealth of Energyia holistic fitness holiday retreat activities designed to enhance well-being, and revitalize your energy.

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Flights To Zakynthos








Tel: 0870 0667070


Tel: 0870 241 5333


0870 4435285


0870 1650079


0870 750 5711



0870 1633330

0871 230 0653


0870 514 3301
















Olympic Airways (UK OFFICE) - 0870 6060460

Olympic Airways Athens 210 966 6666

Flights by Phone - 0161 819 8053

Carol at Competitive Flights - 020 7369 8398


  Flights to Zakynthos (Zante)  On arrival Accommodation Overview Locations Overview Prices Booking Energyia Vasilikos Energyia Tsilivi Balcony Boutique Hotel Christys Villas Erietta Villa Energyia Porto Koukla The Gloria Maris Hotel Energyia Zante Town

Flights to Zakynthos also known as Zante, Zakinthos in the Greek islands

Destination airport: ZTH (Zakinthos) (Zante) (Zakynthos)

Book a flight and join Michele Wilburn this summer for an Energyia Holistic Fitness Activity Holiday Retreat™ in Zakynthos

  • Located in the Greek islands on Zakynthos, also known as Zante, Energyia  holistic fitness activity holiday retreats are located at various accommodation around Zakynthos with author and presenter Michele Wilburn throughout the summer until the end of October.
  • You can arrive any day of the week to join Energyia fitness activity and yoga holiday retreats; sessions rotate on a weekly cycle. You may choose to stay for 7,10 or 14 days; longer if you wish.
  • The price for the Energyia holistic fitness activity holiday retreat programme,  is separate from your flight and accommodation. You book your flights, and make sure you have the usual travel insurance.
  • Contact me by email to let me know you would like to join me in Zakynthos. We will check availability for accommodation, notify you by return email, and then you can proceed to book your flight and your holiday.

Book ad flight and join me with an Energyia holistic holiday retreat in Zakynthos.Before you confirm your booking for an Energyia Holistic Fitness Holiday retreat, do check that a suitable flight is available.  The links to try are listed to the side. 

Charter flights from most UK airports come direct into Zakynthos also known as Zante, from May the 1st to the 31 October. Direct charter flights take about 3 and a half hours.  The airport code for Zakynthos (Zante) is ZTH. The prices listed on the accommodation pages in this site include your accommodation, offered at a special discount to Energyia guests, tuition and participation in Energyia holistic holiday fitness activities with Michele Wilburn, and a variety of other  services listed with the accommodation. Most Energyia guests have said they found it easier to phone the package holiday operators directly, to come up with dates and availability.



If you are having trouble finding flights at a suitable price, please email me so we can try and help.

  • You need to book your own return flight.
  • The cost is not included in the Energyia Holistic Holiday Retreat™ programme fee prices.
  • It is a condition of booking that you are insured. I suggest you inquire about purchasing insurance when you book you flight
  • Book as early as possible to secure your flights and avoid disappointment
  • Do check that you have all necessary travel documents, valid for required time from the date of departure
  • Air travel is available through all major UK airports, and many European airports, direct to the island of Zakynthos during the holiday season (May1- Oct 31)
  • As an alternative you may choose to fly to Athens, and either take a connecting flight directly to Zakynthos, or connect with the bus and ferry.


Direct flights, from most UK airports, take about 3 hours to Zakynthos (Zante) airport. Return prices are continually fluctuating from between £79.00 per person to over £300.00. Sometimes you can get really cheap last minute flights. The tour operators often hold tickets up until a few days before the flight.

During the charter flight season (1 May – 31 October), you can fly directly to Zakynthos Island from many major European cities and UK airports.

Alternatively you can fly to Athens and take a connecting flight to Zakynthos with Olympic Airways. Zakynthos airport international code is ZTH.

You can also connect with the bus and ferry. A bus from the airport leaves regularly for the main bus station for Zakynthos. It takes about 1 hour to reach the main Athens station. The buses to Zakynthos, including the 1 hour ferry trip take about 5 hours in all to the port of Zakynthos)


UK approx flying time direct to Zakynthos is around 3 and a half hours.

ATHENS - ZAKYNTHOS Average Flying Time from Athens: 60 min.
From Athens there are flights to Zakynthos Airport by Olympic Airways.

Reservations: Olympic Airways
For reservations please call +30 1 9666666, or 0801-44444 (only for calls within Greece - local charge) or your local OA office

Domestic Flights:
Olympic Airways flies daily from Athens to Zakynthos.
Approximate flying time is 60 minutes.

You can reach the island...


Zakynthos Zante Island is connected with Athens, Thessaloniki, Kephalonia and Corfu throughout the year by Olympic Airways flights. The duration is 45 minutes from Eleytherios Venizelos Athens Airport and 3 hours from Thessaloniki airport. You can book and/or get information from the main offices of Olympic Airways in Athens (tel.: 0030 210 9363363) and Olympic Airways in Zakynthos (tel.: 0030 26950 28611).

During summer season all popular travel agencies offer charter flights from Europe and the rest of the world to Zakynthos. Zakynthos airport can provide you with usefull information : 0030 26050 28322) and for online bookings look below for online travel agencies.


There is a full schedule of ferry boats to Zakynthos from Kyllini harbor to Zakynthos harbor during the summer and fewer in winter. The distance is covered in one hour. Information on schedules from Kyllini harbor to Zakynthos harbor can be secured from the Harbor Master's Office in Zakynthos tel.: 0030 26950 28117 and Kyllini Harbor Master's Office tel.: 0030 0623 92211.

There are car ferries operating from Venice, Ancona, Bari or Brindisi (Italy) to Patras (Greece). Kyllini harbor lies approximately 80 km (50 miles) south of Patras.

Information - Reservations: Ferry
Zakynthos Office: 1, Lomvardou St. Tel.: 0695-22083, 41500, 48267 FAX: 48301
Kilini Office: Tel.: 0623-92422, 92100, 92385
Athens Office: Tel.: 01-3249997, 4174459

Bus Information
 Athens Bus Station (KTEL), 100 Kifisou Str., tel. (01) 5129432

Zakynthos Bus Station (KTEL), 42 Filita Str., tel. (0695) 22255 - 42656

Bus from Athens to Zakynthos:
Buses depart from Kifisos central bus station in Athens. Travel time is approximately 4 hours to Kilini harbor. From there you take the ferry boat to Zakynthos which takes another hour and fifteen minutes.

Ferries From Italy:
Ferry Boats sail daily from Ancona, Bari and Brindisi to Patras. It is a 50 minute drive to Killini harbor, followed by a ferry boat ride to Zakynthos.

If you are having trouble finding a suitable flight please email me

I may be able to provide further suggestions







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Flights to Zakynthos (Zante)  On arrival

Accommodation Overview Locations Overview Prices Booking Energyia Vasilikos Energyia Tsilivi Balcony Boutique Hotel Christys Villas Erietta Villa Energyia Porto Koukla The Gloria Maris Hotel Energyia Zante Town

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