A unique holistic retreat holiday for fitness, includes Yoga Flow,  Pilates style exercise integrated with CardioKinetics and Self Spa retreat pampering activities by the edge of the sea in Zakynthos, also known as Zante in the Greek islandsEnergyia Holistic Fitness Activity Holiday Retreats in Greece, with leading fitness professional, author, presenter, and producer, Michele Wilburn, on the glorious island of Zakynthos,(Zante) will take place during the summer in the Greek Islands.

In 'back to nature' locations, surrounded in olive groves and lovely gardens, right by the sea,  Energyia holistic fitness activity holidays in Greece on the Greek Island of Zakynthos provide a perfect chance to retreat for relaxation, rejuvenation, and revitalization. Energyia Holistic fitness activity Holiday retreats  in Greece on the Greek Island of Zakynthos provide outreach activities for health, fitness, yoga, beauty, detox, self spa, thalassatherapy and well-being.

In the true spirit of the ancient Greeks, Energyia holistic fitness activity holidays provide retreat activities with a focus on unified mind, body and spirit. Holistic fitness activity holiday retreat guests in Greece on the Greek Island of Zakynthos  share fitness and workout tips and techniques from my 'Top to Toe' Zante Energyia Pamper Plan, with SELF-SPA PAMPERING holistic holiday retreat workouts, at the edge of the sea. Holistic fitness holiday retreat activities also include daily yoga holiday retreat exercise and meditation, reflection and consultation practises, to define the body and refine the mind.

Energyia holistic fitness holiday retreat activities in Greece on the Greek Island of Zakynthos integrate sessions from my newly filmed Energyia Kinetics™ holistic exercise workout DVDs, including Energyia holiday Yoga Flow™ yoga derived and pilates-style conditioning. Energyia CardioKinetics™ and of course beach holiday workouts - all designed to sculpt, balance and define your body from top to toe! I will be releasing the first few in a series of ten new DVDs over this summer.

You can arrive on holiday in Greece on the Greek Islands of Zakynthos for an Energyia holistic fitness activity holiday retreat any day of the week, and opt in and out of holistic fitness retreat activities to suit your schedule and your holiday mood. 

Energyia holistic fitness holiday retreats in Greece on the Greek Island of Zakynthos provides a unique holistic fitness activity holiday retreat in the Greek Islands - a time of inspiration to pause and reflect, pamper, strengthen and revitalize body and soul - lapping up the mystical moods of the Ionion sea, the charming countryside of Zakynthos, the wonderful spirit of the people, and a wealth of Energyia holistic fitness holiday retreat activities designed to enhance well-being, and revitalize your energy.

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Book a flight and join me for a fitness retreat holiday in Zakynthos. Spefcial Energyia offers are listed on the accommodation pages.

Activities such as yoga and fitness workouts on your holiday take place in and around the accommodation and also in the wider resort and around the island

Join me for a last minute Energyia fitness holistic holiday retreat throughout the summer. From the beginning of May until the end of October you can arrive any day of the week and stay for any duration.

Wherever you choose you accommodation for your Energyia holistic retreat, the sea is never far away.

Fitness, yoga and beauty retreat sessions take place in and around each  location base, in lovely gardens, many with magnificent sea views. 

Energyia Holistic holiday retreats are holistic in the truest sense of the word; beauty and energy from within is reflected in the body, as we include essential healthy priactises into our daily schedules.

Energyia Holistic Holiday retreat activities on Zakynthos in the Greek Islands are on an outreach basis - mostly outdoors, taking place near  accommodation bases at different times of the day, and on and around the beaches.

Other activities are enjoyed around the island of Zakynthos, also known as Zante.

You get the chance to visit the SHIPWRECK at Navaggio Bay while on retreat

Further Energyia programme activities take place in and around the resort locations and beaches.

Special trips include retreat activities at Xigia Sulphur Spring Beach , and an Energyia Eco Fit Challenge, both in the very North of the island.

 Energyia retreat activities take place in and around the gardens of the accommodation. we also use the local sea bays for self spa pampering and thalassatherapy.


Accommodation Overview Locations Overview Prices Booking Energyia Vasilikos Energyia Tsilivi Balcony Boutique Hotel Christys Villas Erietta Villa Energyia Porto Koukla The Gloria Maris Hotel Energyia Zante Town

ENERGYIA TSILIVI - a central resort on the island of Zakynthos


Choose your Energyiia holistic fitness holiday in Zakynthos from accomadation in Tsilvi

Accommodation for Energyia Holistic Fitness Retreat Guests in Zakynthos


Tsilivi is the most central resort on the island of Zakynthos

Staying in the Tsilivi region, so central on the island, enables us to explore the highlights of the island of Zakynthos with less travelling in all directions - really enjoy the magnificent beauty of the island. From Tsilivi we reach the best and least commercial spots around the island with an average drive of  15 to 40 minutes.

You also more easily enjoy a varied nightlife including the delights of the marvellous atmosphere of Zakynthos Town by day and night. It's fun browsing the shops with Tsilivi Town nearby, and with Zakynthos Town just a few minutes drive, you have plenty of scope to vary your evening schedule.

There are several accommodation bases in and around the resort of Tsilvi for Energyia guests on holiday in Zakynthos. Browse through the accommodation listed below. Energyia Holistic Holiday retreats this summer offer a delightful holistic fitness holiday in Zakynthos, designed to revive your energy and get your body into great shape.

Along with daily Energyia yoga flow, fitness and self spa activities, Energyia holistic retreat holidays, on the Greek Island of Zakynthos, also provide flexible outreach activities, for men and women of all ages and levels of fitness - all shapes and sizes!



Prices listed are in sterling for each person attending as an Energyia Holistic Fitness Holiday Retreat Guest

  • If friends or family accompany you who will not be participating in the Energyia holistic fitness retreat holiday programme, prices will also vary. Please email me with particular requirements for a tailor-made quote.
  • Accommodation is never allocated on a 'share a room' basis unless you are travelling with family or friends and request to share accommodation facilities. This enables you time to relax and enjoy your privacy.

A variety of accommodation for Energyia holistic holiday retreat guests is available at the following facilities in and around the region of Tsilivi in Zakynthos

The Balcony Hotel is one of the only hotel complexes in Zakynthos that does not cater to tour operators

The Balcony is a boutique hotel, with a traditional family atmosphere

The gardens and sea views at the Erietta Villa complex enable a great feeling of space and relaxation

Balcony Boutique Hotel - Tsilivi

Energyia Holistic holiday retreat  accommodation at the Balcony Boutique Hotel, set on a cliff top location at the entrance to the Tsilivi resort, has spectacular sea views in all directions overlooking the Ionion Sea to Kefalonia in the distance.


This enchanting location is serene and inspiring. The spacious gardens lead down to the beach below. the sunsets from the Balcony Hotel are among the most spectacular on the island of Zakynthos.


Christys Villas - Tsilivi

Beautifully furnished self-contained villa apartments at Christy's Villas, in spacious private gardens on the beach in Tsilivi, provide extremely tasteful and spacious self-contained accommodation, in lovely gardens, with outstanding facilities.


The elegance and finesse of these villa apartments adds a luxurious ambience to your holiday retreat. The facilities and furnishings in these lovely villa complex are beautiful and refined.


Erietta Villa Complex

Situated in olive groves in Akrotiri, with amazing views over the Ionion Sea, to Kefalonia in the distance, Energyia guests have the choice of lovely self-contained apartments in this modern villa complex.


With 2 lovely pools, and facilities serving delightful Greek cuisine and refreshments, this is a delightful space for relaxation and rejuvenation. The grounds of the Erietta Villa complex are spacious and extremely relaxing.

  • Please email michele@energyia.com telling me a little about yourself, including your age, occupation, current fitness activities and state of health - and anything else that helps me to clarify your requirements.

  • Do let me know your preferred dates, location and accommodation and I will get back to you by phone or email to confirm availability.

  • By request, Energyia holistic fitness activity holidays are also available for private holiday groups, should you prefer to limit your Energyia fitness holiday retreat to a group of friends or family, with my exclusive tuition and participation.
    For private Energyia Fitness holiday groups a special package is tailored to meet your personal needs.






  • Do book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

  • If accommodation is booked out we can try to find alternative suitable accommodation close by.

  • Energyia retreat activity sessions take place around the complex and beaches, and I trust you will be well taken care of by each proprietor.

  • Whether travelling alone, with family or friends, my Energyia holistic fitness holiday retreat programmes are designed to include a complete holiday schedule with some activities woven throughout day trips to include the most spectacular highlights of the island.

  • Personal daily tuition in respect to all Energyia™ fitness retreat activities, and your choice of accommodation to meet your taste and budget are carefully scheduled to meet your requirements.


Accommodation Overview Locations Overview Prices Booking Energyia Vasilikos Energyia Tsilivi Balcony Boutique Hotel Christys Villas Erietta Villa  Energyia Porto Koukla The Gloria Maris Hotel Energyia Zante Town

Choose your Energyiia holistic fitness holiday in Zakynthos from accomadation in Tsilvi

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