A unique holistic retreat holiday for fitness, includes Yoga Flow,  Pilates style exercise integrated with CardioKinetics and Self Spa retreat pampering activities by the edge of the sea in Zakynthos, also known as Zante in the Greek islandsEnergyia Holistic Fitness Activity Holiday Retreats in Greece, with leading fitness professional, author, presenter, and producer, Michele Wilburn, on the glorious island of Zakynthos,(Zante) will take place during the summer in the Greek Islands.

In 'back to nature' locations, surrounded in olive groves and lovely gardens, right by the sea,  Energyia holistic fitness activity holidays in Greece on the Greek Island of Zakynthos provide a perfect chance to retreat for relaxation, rejuvenation, and revitalization. Energyia Holistic fitness activity Holiday retreats  in Greece on the Greek Island of Zakynthos provide outreach activities for health, fitness, yoga, beauty, detox, self spa, thalassatherapy and well-being.

In the true spirit of the ancient Greeks, Energyia holistic fitness activity holidays provide retreat activities with a focus on unified mind, body and spirit. Holistic fitness activity holiday retreat guests in Greece on the Greek Island of Zakynthos  share fitness and workout tips and techniques from my 'Top to Toe' Zante Energyia Pamper Plan, with SELF-SPA PAMPERING holistic holiday retreat workouts, at the edge of the sea. Holistic fitness holiday retreat activities also include daily yoga holiday retreat exercise and meditation, reflection and consultation practises, to define the body and refine the mind.

Energyia holistic fitness holiday retreat activities in Greece on the Greek Island of Zakynthos integrate sessions from my newly filmed Energyia Kinetics™ holistic exercise workout DVDs, including Energyia holiday Yoga Flow™ yoga derived and pilates-style conditioning. Energyia CardioKinetics™ and of course beach holiday workouts - all designed to sculpt, balance and define your body from top to toe! I will be releasing the first few in a series of ten new DVDs over this summer.

You can arrive on holiday in Greece on the Greek Islands of Zakynthos for an Energyia holistic fitness activity holiday retreat any day of the week, and opt in and out of holistic fitness retreat activities to suit your schedule and your holiday mood. 

Energyia holistic fitness holiday retreats in Greece on the Greek Island of Zakynthos provides a unique holistic fitness activity holiday retreat in the Greek Islands - a time of inspiration to pause and reflect, pamper, strengthen and revitalize body and soul - lapping up the mystical moods of the Ionion sea, the charming countryside of Zakynthos, the wonderful spirit of the people, and a wealth of Energyia holistic fitness holiday retreat activities designed to enhance well-being, and revitalize your energy.

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Booking  Guidelines for Energyia Holistic Fitness Holiday Retreats on the Greek Island of Zakynthos,

Michele Wilburn hopsts Energyia holisitc fitness activity holidays in Zakynthos Greek Islands during the summer

This page outlines the process in booking the Energyia Holistic Fitness Activity Holiday Retreat in Greece on the Greek island of Zakynthos . Please read the terms and conditions relevant to all bookings, and use the links below as a booking guide.

Booking information foir Zante Energyia holistic fitness activity holiday retreats with Michele Wilburn

  1. Prior to making a booking: Energyia Holistic Holiday Retreat™ Booking Enquiry
  2. What happens when you make a booking: Terms and Conditions
  3. What you need to know about Deposits and payment: Terms and Conditions
  4. Late Bookings
  5. Flights
  6. If you need to change your flight and holiday date: Terms and Conditions
  7. If you need to Cancel your Energyia Holistic Holiday Retreat: Terms and Conditions
  8. Personal Details: Terms and Conditions
  9. Medical Disclosures: Terms and Conditions
  10. Exclusions: Terms and Conditions
  11. Insurance: Terms and Conditions
  12. Acts of God: Terms of Conditions






Energyia holisitc fitness holidays in fitness and self development sessions for mind bosy and spirit

I welcome your queries and answer all emails personally to ensure your queries are met as quickly as possible. Throughout the summer I will also be providing private, single, small group or VIP Energyia Holistic Fitness Activity Holidays tailored to specific requirements. If you would prefer any of the above please provide full details of your party, preferences and accommodation.        

Energyia Holistic Holiday Retreat™ fees, payable to Michele Wilburn, Starbound Enterprise include Energyia holistic fitness retreat activity programme tuition in Greece with Michele Wilburn  for the Energyia Holistic Fitness Activity Holiday Retreat™, and accommodation at the specified location, on the Greek island of Zakynthos. Definite inclusions in the price are outlined in the accommodation pages for each of the various locations. You also receive an Energyia retreat holiday pamper package on arrival in Greece.

Prices for Energyia holistic fitness holiday retreats in Greece do not include your flights, travel insurance, and other normal holiday expenses, including meals, unless breakfast when included in the accommodation price, excursions, and taxis to and from the airport/port to the location.

 Energyia Holistic Holiday Retreat™ Booking Enquiry

Booking inquiry form DETAILS

Firstly: Please  email me with your booking queries. When you email me please be sure to tell me a little about each person who may be attending. I will confirm availability of your preferred dates for the programme within 24 hours, and tailor an invoice according to your requirements if requested. Please check available flights, before proceeding with your final booking.

Energyia holisitc fitness holidays in Zante Zakynthos Greek islands with Miherle wilburn

Checklist of things to let me know when you contact me with your inquiry

Please provide the following details when you email me, so I can reply to your request to attend my Energyia holistic fitness activity holiday retreats. Thank you for your request. I will be in touch with you, confirming your requirements within 24 hours, or as soon as I have all necessary information. If you do not hear from me, or if you have any trouble submitting this form, please email michele@energyia.com with your booking request, preferred dates, and contact details.


  1. Your preferred dates and location for the Energyia Holistic Holiday Retreat™ in Greece?
  2. Do you require a personal programme or a booking which is tailored to your specific requirements? In that case I will liase with you to determine the foundation of your Energyia holiday and provide a specific invoice.
  3. How many wish to attend?
  4. Total Number of Nights? 7, 10, or 14?
  5. If any other people will be travelling with you, and not requiring accommodation, please let me know your specific requirements.
  6. Please tell me a little about yourself, including age, general level of fitness, including activities you currently include in your lifestyle. if you have any ailments or medical conditions please provide details so I can assess the suitability of Energyia Holistic Holiday Retreat programme for you.
  7. Please note any additional comments or requests
  8. Contact and address details including:
  9. Title  First Name   Surname 
  10.  Telephone Country Code
  11.  Home Tel:  Work Tel:  Mobile Tel:
  12.  Email:                 
  13.  General Address Details: Region & City & Country


Fitness activity retreat holiday and self spa pamperering retreat activities are outdoors around the region of Vasilikos.


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Energyia Holistic Holiday retreat™ Booking Terms and Conditions

Once you have firstly contacted me by email, outlining your queries as requested above, Secondly:

  • You will receive a reply with definite details and price in response to your queries, usually within 24 hours. You may now be ready to decide whether to proceed with a definite booking.
  • Check flights  are available to suit your dates, then fill in and EMAIL ME to me as soon as possible, so your booking and accommodation can be secured while my response to your queries remain valid. All booking inquiries remain subject to change until your actual booking is confirmed. I need to liaise with the hotel to check availability. It is important to respond quickly, in case the rooms are booked in the interim.
  • Please read the Energyia Holistic Holiday retreat™ Terms and Conditions before booking.


What happens when you make a booking?


Fitness retreat and self spa pamperering retreat activities are mainly outdoors in lovely locations

A binding contract will exist between us when I confirm by email your final booking or personal request has been accepted, to attend an Energyia Holistic Fitness Activity Holiday retreat™ and your invoice has been acknowledged and paid in part or full. Such confirmation will constitute acceptance, by you and I, of the terms and conditions, relevant to your attending the Energyia Holistic Retreat™ programme.



An email with a booking declaration and invoice attachment will be sent to you, acknowledging acceptance of your booking, clarifying the terms of your acceptance on the programme, requesting immediate payment, or part payment of the deposit of £400.00, and providing a date for final payment of the balance of the money owing. You may also discuss the payment of the balance in installments with me if you prefer.

When your final booking request has been confirmed you are asked to fill in and submit the booking declaration form online which includes confirmation of how the deposit payment will be lodged. If you have requested a holiday with specific terms and conditions supplied on your invoice, but your dates remain open, the booking declaration will not need to be filled in until your holiday dates and accommodation is confirmed. However the payment of the invoice constitutes your participation.

Your invoice from Michele Wilburn, Starbound Enterprise, will provide bank details for a direct money transfer to Starbound Enterprise for the payment of the deposit, and when required, the balance. There is a 4% processing fee to be added for Paypal payments. Bank transfer to Michele Wilburn, Starbound Enterprise is the preferred method of payment.


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Deposits and payments

During Energyia Holistic holiday rerat fitness sessions I introduce you to a variety of home exercise workout equipment




You will outline to me your preferred method for payment when submitting your booking inquiry and final booking form. I will provide you with a definite price for your Energyia holiday, according to the circumstances of your booking.

Payments are made to:

Starbound Enterprise, London UK, in pound sterling.


Payment is accepted by the following methods

  • Direct Bank Transfer (preferred)

  • Paypal

(a 4.00% fee is applied for the cost of Paypal processing.)

Payment of Deposit

A non-refundable deposit is required per person of £400.00 of the holiday fee, with the balance of payment to be made 90 days before arrival.

Full Payment

  • Full payment is required 90 days prior to arrival, or by arrangement, or in installments, agreed with Michele Wilburn. 

  • Provided there is space and accommodation, bookings can be accepted until the date of travel.

  • The price of your holiday is guaranteed once your booking confirmation is sent by email to you, and will not be subject to any surcharges. The price shown on your confirmation/invoice is fully guaranteed provided conditions of payment are adhered to.

  • Whilst we reserve the right to change our prices at any time,  the price of your holiday as agreed with you (as shown on your invoice) will not be increased, unless you subsequently amend the booking.

  • Please check your invoice carefully to ensure that it reflects your intended booking.


Payment of balance of Holiday Fee

6 working days are allowed from confirmation of the booking for deposit monies to reach the bank account, providing you are not arriving within that period, in which case the balance of the money must be paid before you begin the Energyia Holistic Fitness Holiday Retreat programme, or take up your accommodation. As noted on your invoice, the balance of monies required must be received, by the date stipulated on your invoice. If after that period monies have not been received, we reserve the right to cancel the holiday, following a reminder email to you,  and cancellation charges will apply.



Please ensure that your payment is processed in sufficient time to clear it through the bank. I will email you as soon as your payment has cleared.

The invoice will also provide a time frame within which your Energyia sessions with Michele Wilburn must be fulfilled. It is your responsibility to ensure that you participate in the Energyia programme within that time frame, or no refund will be issued whatsoever.

The person in whose name the booking is made, or who acts on behalf of all other persons named, must be over 18 years of age, and becomes responsible for all payments in respect of the booking, including if booking is on behalf of other people is involved.


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Late Bookings

Working outdoors, fitness retreat activities and self spa pampering are never far from the lapping of the waves of the sea

For all bookings made within 8 weeks of departure, your holiday is confirmed as soon as I confirm  that your definite requirements are in place for accommodation, usually within 24 hours.  Receipt of your deposit is processed and acknowledged to you by an email invoice.





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Your flight is not included in your holiday fee.

I liaise on behalf of my guests to establish that accommodation is available for you which is included in your holiday fee at the best possible price.  You may find the web links and phone numbers outlined on the Flights page of this site helpful when seeking flights. If you have problems securing a flight, please contact me. I may be able to help and suggest further contacts.

  • As soon as your flights are definitely booked, please contact me by email, providing all flight details, including departure airport, carrier, arrival and departure times and flight numbers; in reply I will forward you appropriate instructions for your taxi from the airport, or arrange if possible to collect you in person.

  • If your flight dates/details change please contact me as soon as possible with the new details, so that the necessary arrangements in respect of your accommodation dates can be secured.

    I will do my utmost to ensure that accommodation is available for your new dates, but make no guarantees that your first choice of accommodation will be available.

    If you wish to change your flight dates and/or attendance of the Energyia Holistic Holiday Retreat, and this results in a change to the accommodation booking, whereby the dates subsequently available/requested are more expensive than when originally booked, you would expect to be charged the difference in cost between the original booking and the cost of the replacement booking to the hotel facility.


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Zakynthos is rich in fauna and flowers, with lush pine forests and olive groves leading down to a number of beautiful beaches.

What happens if you have to cancel your Energyia Holistic Holiday Retreat?

If for whatever reason you need to cancel your retreat place or arranged Energyia workshop sessions after you have booked, the following refund policy will apply. Each deposit paid (standard rate of £ 400.00), is a non-refundable registration fee.
Full refunds, less the deposit will be provided on cancellations, up to 90 days prior to the departure date of the booked retreat.
A 50% refund will be provided on cancellations between 60-89 days prior to the departure date of the booked retreat.
A 30% refund will be provided on cancellations between 30-59 days prior to the departure date of the booked retreat.
No refund will be provided on cancellation between 29-0 days prior to the departure date of the booked retreat
No refund will be provided for premature leaving of the retreat or failure to arrive at the retreat for any reason
All refund requests must be made in writing and be received by Michele Wilburn
All retreat payments are due 90 days prior to departure date unless otherwise specified, clients whose balances are not received by the 90-day deadline, risk forfeiting their retreat booking.

If you cancel: Customers are asked to confirm the cancellation in writing, firstly via email.

  • Notification of the cancellation of your Energyia Holistic Holiday must be given in writing, firstly by email, which will be acknowledged on receipt, and then in writing. Failure to do so may prejudice your entitlement.
  • No refunds can be made once guests are in their place of accommodation.

  • If you have secured funding for Energyia sessions with Michele Wilburn, the invoice provided will outline the time in which your Energyia sessions must be fulfilled. Once payment has been deposited to Starbound Enterprise it is your responsibility to ensure you plan to attend within the time frame agreed, by special arrangement with Michele Wilburn. Once payment is received by Starbound Enterprise from an external board or charity or contributing body  no refunds will be given. In this case please ensure you plan your sessions with Michele Wilburn within the time frame outlined on the invoice requested by you and which has been received and presented to your funding source.
  • Please note that if the reason for cancellation falls within the terms of your travel insurance policy, then the insurance company will normally refund any such charges to you. In many cases, cancellation fees are covered by insurance.
  • If there is a change in the number of persons booked on the holiday, the price will be recalculated on the basis of the amended party size, subject to availability.
  • A final invoice statement, outlining your choice of accommodation and holiday plans, will be sent to you approximately 12 weeks before your arrival date. If the balance of the price of your holiday is not paid in time, we reserve the right to cancel your holiday, retain your deposit and apply the Cancellation Charge.
  • If, after your deposit or full payment has been credited to Starbound Enterprise, you wish to change any part of your holiday arrangements, or wish to change arrival dates, we will do our utmost to make the changes. In this case there is also an amendment fee payable of £150 per person.
  • If you change or rearrange your dates for attendance of Energyia holistic fitness holiday sessions , following a firm invoice booking, and payment of all or part of your invoice has been made, there may be an increase in the price of your holiday for revised dates, from that originally advertised or agreed. In such a case you would be responsible to ensure you meet the increase in price to cover your Energyia retreat activities holiday.


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Personal Details

Water Sports offer fun in the sea when on holiday in Zakynthos


Please provide me with all relevant details in your booking inquiry email. All details provided remain confidential to me. This will help me assess your needs.


If I am concerned that the Energyia Holistic Holiday retreat programme will not be suitable for you, I will discuss your situation with you, and may ask you to confirm in writing that you are fit to travel, and participate in the programme, asking you to enclose a doctor’s certificate.





Medical Disclosures

Before commencing any fitness program, you should visit your doctor to get a physical examination.

It’s important to ensure you don’t have any medical or psychological issues to address. Discuss with your doctor or health professional any issues that need clarifying so that you know what’s best for you before changing your physical activity

If you suffer with a heart condition, any other debilitating illness, or any chronic disorder, which requires permission to exercise, before you begin to exercise on my Energyia Kinetics holiday programme, you must speak with your doctor. If you suffer chest pain, dizzy spells, osteoporosis, arthritic or joint pains, if you are taking any medication, you must consult your doctor before booking to attend Energyia Holistic Holiday programmes.

I am always happy to receive calls and correspondence in regard to personal queries. My expertise remains as a fitness professional, author, and presenter. If you have any health care questions, please consult your physician. Always consult your physician or health care practitioner before you begin any new treatment, diet or fitness programme.

  • If you are currently under medical supervision of any sort, I may ask you to provide a doctors certificate confirming your fitness to travel, and attend the Energyia Holistic Retreat programme. The programme is not suitable for those who are currently too emotionally disturbed or too physically disabled to take responsibility for themselves. In any case, all health problems should be disclosed when booking.
  • Please detail any relevant information regarding your fitness, health, and any medical treatment regarding medication you are currently receiving. If you are under medical supervision, please provide details.

  • A health and fitness questionnaire will be required to be filled in, upon arrival before you commence the Energyia Holistic Holiday retreat™ programme activities.


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Shipwreck, at Navaggio bay in Zakynthos is one of the most famous beaches in the Mediterranean

All information is correct at the time of going to press. However, due to mechanical faults, weather conditions, or what insurers call "Acts of god", some amenities may be temporarily unavailable. Very occasionally we may have to vary the programme due to staff sickness or other problems, in which case we still always try to provide an equivalent replacement.



  •  Any of the above events, or others beyond our control
  •  Loss of or damage to your personal property
  • Medical or psychiatric conditions developing during or after your holiday
  • Your safety whilst on our activities, activities organized through us, travelling in our vehicles or vehicles organised through us or use of our equipment including bicycles
  • Your holiday travel insurance policy should cover these and other contingencies


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St Nicholas Church is a great spot for meditation as the sun sets over the Ionion Sea.It is a condition of booking that you are insured. Insurance should cover you for having to cancel for any good reason, as well as for sickness, and losses and all usual holiday risks.

When you proceed to confirm your booking, the booking form will ask you to provide and fill in insurance details where relevant.

Either provide details or state that you will arrange insurance and will provide you details prior to arrival, stating who you have taken insurance cover with: providing a Policy number and Signature .

I also recommend that all UK guests have a valid E111 form available from the Post Office before they travel. This will also enable you to have medical treatment whilst abroad and then claim back the costs on your return home. You must take a copy of your form plus the original with you on holiday. We advise customers to keep all receipts for medication/treatment received in order to make claim on their return home.

  • Insurance should cover you for having to cancel for any good reason, as well as for sickness, losses and all usual holiday risks. If you intend to be participating in water sports, please check your insurance policy covers you


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Zakynthos has a wide variety of landscapes, with the sea nevre far away.We are unable to accept responsibility for any aspect of your holiday affected by matters over which we have no control.

These include (but this list is non-exhaustive) war or threat of war, riots and civil strife, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, earthquakes, weather conditions, fire, flood, drought, industrial disputes, government action, airport regulations and closures or technical transportation problems which may affect the service of hotels or apartments abroad, or the scheduling of aircraft, or other transport or other circumstances amounting to force majeure. Your travel insurance policy may provide cover in respect of some of these eventualities.

Where appropriate and subject to my reasonable discretion I shall offer what assistance I can to a guest, who suffers illness, personal injury or death during the period of the holiday but arising out of any activity which does not form part of the contracted services.

Our contract with you is governed by the laws of England and Wales

Starbound Enterprise Michele Wilburn T/AS

Tel: (0044)(0) 207 2841918


Michele Wilburn is currently preparing a number of Energyia Kinetic Exercise programmes for release on DVDThe contract arising from any confirmed arrangements is to be interpreted according to, and subject to the laws of England, no matter where you live or book your holiday, and you agree that the Courts in England shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any claim or dispute under or concerning it.



Energyia holisitc fitness holidays in the Greek Islands consist of small groups - beween 1 and 10 to ensure your personal attention.

Email michele@energyia.com
Phone messages are logged daily
UK telephone (0044) (0) 207 2841918

Many of my holiday guests arrive solo or in small groups. Everyone is welcome! We have a weekly schedule as a holiday outline, which remains flexible, allowing for spontaneity as your Energyia holistic fitness activity holiday retreat unfolds.

I do not accept liability for any costs incurred as a result of any of the following:
Cancellations, delays or changes caused by war, threat of war, closure of airports, civil strife, industrial action, natural disaster, technical problems with transport, or other events beyond our control including those mentioned in the preceding paragraph.


email: michele@energyia.com

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Join me on retreat in Zakynthos for a holistic retreat holiday to inspire mind, body and soul!

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Michele Wilburn London UK Tel(0044)(0)(207)2841918  email: michele@energyia.com