A unique holistic retreat holiday for fitness, includes Yoga Flow,  Pilates style exercise integrated with CardioKinetics and Self Spa retreat pampering activities by the edge of the sea in Zakynthos, also known as Zante in the Greek islandsEnergyia Holistic Fitness Activity Holiday Retreats in Greece, with leading fitness professional, author, presenter, and producer, Michele Wilburn, on the glorious island of Zakynthos,(Zante) will take place during the summer in the Greek Islands.

In 'back to nature' locations, surrounded in olive groves and lovely gardens, right by the sea,  Energyia holistic fitness activity holidays in Greece on the Greek Island of Zakynthos provide a perfect chance to retreat for relaxation, rejuvenation, and revitalization. Energyia Holistic fitness activity Holiday retreats  in Greece on the Greek Island of Zakynthos provide outreach activities for health, fitness, yoga, beauty, detox, self spa, thalassatherapy and well-being.

In the true spirit of the ancient Greeks, Energyia holistic fitness activity holidays provide retreat activities with a focus on unified mind, body and spirit. Holistic fitness activity holiday retreat guests in Greece on the Greek Island of Zakynthos  share fitness and workout tips and techniques from my 'Top to Toe' Zante Energyia Pamper Plan, with SELF-SPA PAMPERING holistic holiday retreat workouts, at the edge of the sea. Holistic fitness holiday retreat activities also include daily yoga holiday retreat exercise and meditation, reflection and consultation practises, to define the body and refine the mind.

Energyia holistic fitness holiday retreat activities in Greece on the Greek Island of Zakynthos integrate sessions from my newly filmed Energyia Kinetics™ holistic exercise workout DVDs, including Energyia holiday Yoga Flow™ yoga derived and pilates-style conditioning. Energyia CardioKinetics™ and of course beach holiday workouts - all designed to sculpt, balance and define your body from top to toe! I will be releasing the first few in a series of ten new DVDs over this summer.

You can arrive on holiday in Greece on the Greek Islands of Zakynthos for an Energyia holistic fitness activity holiday retreat any day of the week, and opt in and out of holistic fitness retreat activities to suit your schedule and your holiday mood. 

Energyia holistic fitness holiday retreats in Greece on the Greek Island of Zakynthos provides a unique holistic fitness activity holiday retreat in the Greek Islands - a time of inspiration to pause and reflect, pamper, strengthen and revitalize body and soul - lapping up the mystical moods of the Ionion sea, the charming countryside of Zakynthos, the wonderful spirit of the people, and a wealth of Energyia holistic fitness holiday retreat activities designed to enhance well-being, and revitalize your energy.

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home spa fitness pampering teats on fitness holiday in zante

Energyia Beauty Boosters - Self-Spa Pampering

   Join Michele Wilburn on an Emergyia retreat in teh greek islands of Zante, Zakynthos this summer. What better way to enjoy your natural retreat holiday, than by turning your time on the beaches, on the Greek Island of Zakynthos, into your personal holiday spa. 

What better way to enjoy your natural  Energyia holistic fitness activiy retreat holiday in the Greek Islands, than by turning time on the beaches, on the Greek Island of Zakynthos, into your personal holiday spa.

As part of my Energyia Kinetics™ exercise system we daily explore and apply beneficial and soothing self-pampering treatments, using natural Thalassatherapy principles, to relax, revive, and refresh body and soul - help you feel and look rejuvenated.

Zante Energyia 7 Day Pamper Plan

Energyia pamper plan retreat activities by the edge of the sea are great for detox and beautyDuring Energyia Holistic fitness Holiday retreats, taking place this summer on the Greek island of Zakynthos we share, learn, explore and pamper from my bible of health, fitness and beauty routines, developed over 25 years as a fitness professional, author, presenter and producer.

Thalassatherapy bodywork & self- spa pampering, including exfoliation and self- massage using fingertips and palms to apply pressure in a series of flowing movements, provide a great way to stimulate blood circulation and improve muscle tone, activate the lymphatic system and balance energy meridians, the pathways by which energy travels throughout your body.




The Healing Power of the Sea

The word 'thalassa', in Greek, means the 'sea'. Although the term is used in spa treatments around the world, with commercial products, the real remedies to be reaped from the sea came from the Greeks.


The healing properties of mineral sea salty waters have been acknowledged for many centuries. Modern spa treatments use pure spa mineral remedies, commercially packaged to suit the salon.

  • Energyia Self-Spa pampering treatments are completely natural, with sessions carried out in the natural environment, and are totally self-applied; you learn techniques to do it yourself; why pay a masseur!
  • The combination of natural sea salts, seaweed, sand, a little olive oil, yoghurt and honey, and a few more of my secret ingredients to add to the potion, stimulate a healthy glowing complexion, enhancing great relaxation.
  • Energyia self-spa pampering techniques work in harmony with your body, to rebalance mind, body and soul!
  • The ultimate combination of the self-pampering techniques apply a powerful detoxifying body treatment, deeply polishing your skin, enhancing your body contour.

A daily skin-loofah treatment, topped up with a 'sea sponge patting', will markedly improve texture and appearance of your skin, by boosting circulation and lymph (cell waste) drainage.

We have a great day out during your Energyia holistic fitness holiday retreat, heading North on a Self Spa Adventure. First stop is the Xigia Sulphur Sea Water Spa. XIGIA SULPHUR SEA WATER SPA

The Natural Sulphur Springs at Xigia provides extremely therapeutic bathing. We spend time here enjoying pampering and floating in these amazing sulphur sea waters.

Spring water at Xigia pours down from the mountains. It enters the sea here at Xigia into large caves at the side of the beach.The water is extremely therapeutic. The sand here is perfect for an exfoliating scrub bnefore we buff the skin with an all-over-body loofah treatment.

We finish the treatment with a great time bathing in the sea, and finally a therapeutic FLOAT! When you first arrive at Xigia you may find the aroma overpowering. But within minutes the odour from the sulphur seems to vanish - and the extraordinary healing powers of this magical spot come into play.








Energyia Beauty Boosters


Self spa pampering retreat activities at the edge of the sea include natural thalassatherapy routines

Zante Mud Packs Made in Heaven

We spend time at a local beach in the South of the Island having great fun packing mud. Famous with the locals the mud is rich in mineral sands; right by the edge of the sea.

Afterwards your skin glows and feels incredibly silky.

With a helping hand from the Zante sun and bathing in the glorious Ionion Sea, Energyia holiday retreats in the Greek islands allow you time out from usual routines and lifestyle habits - an ideal chance to pause and reflect, restructure personal goals, revamp your well-being.

Bathing, Swimming & Enjoying water play several times daily in the Ionian Sea provides exceptional exercise. The high salt and mineral content of the sea provides a natural detox, purifying and cleansing your body.  The waters of the Ionion Sea are crystal clear; swimming in Zante is bliss.

Come to an Energyia holiday treat alone or join me with a group of friends

The Holiday Retreat activities Energyia Kinetics Exercise Pampering Thalassatherapy Extra activities Local transport Location Overview

Energyia holisitc fitness holidays in the Greek Islands consist of small groups - beween 1 and 10 to ensure your personal attention.

Email michele@energyia.com
Phone messages are logged daily
UK telephone (0044) (0) 207 2841918

Many of my holiday guests arrive solo or in small groups. Everyone is welcome! We have a weekly schedule as a holiday outline, which remains flexible, allowing for spontaneity as your Energyia holistic fitness activity holiday retreat unfolds.





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At the edge of the Sea

With the sounds of the sea never far away, the mind is soothed, the spirit refreshed on Energyia retreats in teh Greek islands of ZakynthosPamper yourself with DO-IT-YOURSELF-SPA treatments at the edge of the sea in Zakynthos. We share beauty tips and techniques throughout your stay, to help work a little salon magic into your daily health and fitness routines when you get back home!

:: Your Complimentary Pamper Pack

Energyia self-pampering spa activities, by the edge of the sea are precious in fighting stress, insomnia, muscular stiffness, weight and circulatory problems

When you arrive you'll receive an Energyia Natural self-spa pampering pack containing a natural seaweed loofah, a face and body sponge, olive oil soap  a sarong, and a lightweight carry-all grass beach mat.

All the benefits of sand, olive oil, honey, and sea water in Zante are marvellous for their vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which can heal and rejuvenate skin and hair.

Energyia Beauty Booster sessions

  • 5 Step Facelift
  • Pressure Pointers; for face and body
  • Self-pampering 7 step massage
  • Facelifts; self-massage, exercise, and reflex pressing
  • Natural Beauty Boosters; self pampering Thalassatherapy sessions
  • Skin Brushing & Sand Scrubbing for exfoliation
  • Mediterranean masks & potions: a natural beach clay face & body mask at a local beach
  • Face packing; natural beauty potions
  • Salt brush and splash
  • You'll enjoy daily Thalassatherapy sessions at  the edge of the sea, a selection of natural self-pampering techniques, daily meditation and consultation practises.

    The high salt content of the sea in Zakynthos makes for wonderful bathing and water activities

    We'll be sharing techniques from my Energyia 7 Day Top to Toe Pamper Plan. Each day of the week provides a focus on fitness, from top to toe!

    :: The Bonus of the Med Diet in Zante


    The food in Zakynthos is healthy and great for kick starting a healthy eating plan

    The Mediterranean diet in Zante provides balanced nutrition, with a fantastic variety of fresh fruits and vegetables; foods of the season throughout the year - ideal for recharging energy and vitality.

    With a  focus on steps you can take to enhance health and well-being, for the future - a touch of Zante magic makes for a  heavenly holiday!

    While on retreat in Zante you can enjoy a variety of water sports on great beaches

    There are so many wonderful things to do in Zakynthos and so much benefit to be gained from doing them.

    Why spend your holiday time lying on a sun bed in an overcrowded beach resort!

     Your Energyia holistic fitness holiday plan does enable plenty of time for you to do just that! But we get up and go to glorious spots, and while we are there THOROUGHLY ENJOY OUR TIME TOGETHER!

    Gerakas and Porto Zorro both have natural Clay Mud perfect for masking the body after a loofah scrub. Depending on our schedule we usually enjoy a trip to one of these locations during the Energyia Holistic Fitness Holiday retreat.

    THE CLIFFS OF GERAKAS IN THE SOUTH OF THE ISLAND OF ZAKYNTHOS ARE RICH IN MINERAL CLAY- PERFECT FOR A BODY PACK. We lie back in the sun, wait for the mud to set, then wash it off with the pure waters of the Ionion Sea - perfect self spa pampering!