energyia holistic fitness activity yoga holiday retreats in zakynthos Greek islands with leading author, presenter and producer Michele Wilburn
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PIlates style conditioning in Energyia Holiday retreats strengthen the core muscles with an emphasis on balance, breath, spirit and controlEnergyia holistic fitness holiday retreats provide a unique opportunity to combine travel to Zante, in the Greek Islands, experience the delightful culture of Zakynthos, at the same time focus on activities to develop body, mind and spirit - working in unison. Session tips and techniques practised during activities, expand and extend as you move forward in your holiday - walking, swimming,  relaxing, exploring - revitalizing your energy!

 Energyia holistic fitness activities are carried out inbeautiful locales around the island of Zakynthos Greek islands

Being present in our everyday life through mindful eating, thinking, breathing, exercising we attend to our Body and Spirit. In creating a balance between all three we enhance the quality in all areas of our everyday life.Anxiety is the feeling of not having control - knowing you can use your breathing gives you a sense of control. Energyia BreathFlow teaches helpful breathing techniques, including shifting the intake of air from your chest down to your belly.By learning how to breathe more effectively, you reduce fatigue, tension and anxiety and create clarity and calm in your mind.

Energyia Holistic Fitness Holiday Retreats invite you to head off on a personal holistic holiday adventure with a focus on wholesome health, beauty and fitness, for body and soul! Energyia fitness holiday retreat activities provide a unique fitness holiday programme, in a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere in the Greek Islands.

Holistic fitness activity holidays in the greek island with a focus on activities for mind, body and spirit

A variety of exercise practices are woven throughout the retreat holiday programme from the Energyia Kinetics System of Exercise - soon to be released on DVD.

  Ancient Greek Holistic Exercise Mind Body & Spirit Pilates Connections Michele Wilburn    Energyia Kinetics

Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions - Your Energy in Motion - Energyia Kinetics™ Fitness


The word "yoga" means "union" - the integration of physical, mental, and spiritual energies that enhance health and well-being. The physical postures, breathing, and exercises of Energyia Yoga Flow™ may reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and regulate heart rate - whatever it does, it centres you, helps prevent mental distraction and helps you to become more mindful!

Energyia holistic fitness retreat holidays in the Greek Islands provide retreats of an open kind! Holistic activity retreats - holidays in the Greek Islands of Zakynthos, also known as Zante. They promise an exciting outreach activity holiday of enjoyment and self discovery. Treat yourself to an Energyia holisic fitness retreat, and feel the benefits for mind, body and spirit come in to play! The relaxing atmosphere of Zakynthos is perfect for improving health and state of mind. You'll  gather numerous insights and tips into applying holistic fitness exercise routines into everyday life - an ideal phase for  transformation and rejuvenation! The Energyia Kinetics™ Well-being Program is based on the premise that we are a trinity of Body, Mind & Spirit. In order to live in balance we need to be "mindful" on all three levels.

Zakynthos, with one of the highest levels of sunlight in the Greek Islands, provides a heavenly haven for rejuvenation and renewal! It is this sunlight that provides one of the secrets of the thriving community spirit felt amidst the local people - a spirit you will bask in and take away with you!

Energyia Kinetics holistic fitness exercise techniques, practised on retreat holidays in the Greek Islands developed by Michele Wilburn, are woven through the exercise holiday retreat programme.

Energyia Kinetics exercise practised on Energyia holistic holiday retreats provide fitness routines for stretch, strength, Yoga Flow, pilates style conditioning and cardio Kinetics with Michele Wilburn

Energyia Holisitc Fitness Personal Development programme - private workshop or group sessions with Michele Wilburn

With sessions based on a variety of bodywork techniques , the Energyia Personal Development Programme™ with  Michele Wilburn is designed to develop physical strength, mobility and flexibility,  while aiding recovery from mental and physical stress. The programme provides a revolutionary approach through holistic fitness, by integrating meditation and exercise with a whole approach to well being.

Energyia holisitc fitness programme elements include the practise of a variety of techniques and exercise methods, incorporating a foundation balance of mind, body and spirit for personal development purposes.

• Meditation & Deep relaxation

• 5 Steps for problem solving and the 5 Steps of Spirituality

• Energyia Stress Spacers: learn how to relax properly, release stress, and adopt a positive attitude

• Energyia Chakra rechargers: simple techniques to rebalance energy and focus the mind

• Time Management: Maintaining a suitable Holistic exercise practise schedule

• Making Plans & Setting Realistic goals: Mind-mapping and Mind-setting

To request a personal outline according to your requirements a specific invoice quote will be provided. Private Sessions cost 50.00.

Energyia guests and clients reuqesting the Energyia personal development programme for their holiday in Zakynthos will learn how to integrate the practise of Energyia Cardio Kinetics workouts and yoga and pilates-style routines, into a daily schedule to improve mental and physical strength as the course unfolds.

This concentrated course of combination therapy can help identify and express personal physical and emotional blockages, at the same time assisting with discovery of personal inner resources, awakening imagination and willingness to eliminate barriers and move forward in life.

A prayerful appraoch through exercise retreat sessions integrates yoga Flow excise routines with Pilates style conditioning and Cardio Kinetics on Energyia Holistic retreats in Zakynthos Zante




Life's Source - Energy Force! Energyia Holistic fitness retreat holidays are designed to get you back in touch with your body!

Every living thing pulsates with a natural rhythm - reflected in nature in the waves that lap upon the shore, in the unfolding of the seasons are summer follows spring, and the cycles of the moon with the natural ebb and flow of the tide. Life moves forward in a pulsating rhythm, which also binds your body, influencing the intricate timing of your hormonal and chemical output,  as well as many other patterns in your 24 hour circadian cycles.

Accommoation in zakynthos at the Ionion in Vasilikos provides a central point to enjoy holiday retreat activities in the Greek islandsMeridians, which can be tapped by modern technological methods, are the pathways along which the energy in your body flows. Your energy moves and flows throughout your body, in a complete circuit, following the pathways of these clearly defined merdians.

If the flow of your energy is restricted, or your body circuits are operating on overload, balance has to be restored before your energy can flow freely and fully again. The Energyia Kinetics™ system for exercising respects this major premise in body awareness and wellness.

When energy sources are restored through the correct balance of breathing, exercising, meditation, food and thought,  energy channels, otherwise known as energy meridians, are cleared, refreshing you physically and improving your mental outlook.


Mankind has been thinking about thinking since the time of the ancient Greeks.

Energyia Consultation and meditation practises provide simple but powerful techniques to help you understand yourself and others. By developing spiritual communication skills you will be able to develop more effective relationships.

Spiritual awareness - If you don't go within you will go without!

Meditation is used by many cultures around the world in some way or another. Energyia Consultation and Meditation practises provide a wonderful means of centring yourself, finding solutions to problems and vision for growth. During the silence of meditation you explore your Soul, Calm your Body, Mind & Spirit, find peace within releasing of stress and tension.


Energyia Kinetics includes a variety of physical exercise practises, including Yoga Flow, Partner Stretch, and CardioKinetics™.

The Energyia Kinetics workout system provides a simple and easy to follow workout system, with physical exercise to benefits both the body and the mind,  leading to a feeling of overall well-being. Aerobic exercise stimulates the cardiovascular system and lowers blood sugars, oxygenates tissues, stimulates metabolic functions, promotes weight loss, and improves muscle tone.

Similar to the benefits of mobility and stretching in the Energyia Yoga Flow sessions, CardioKinetics exercise releases tension and toxicity, additionally focussing on a well rounded exercise programme that helps you balance weight, strengthen, streamline and totally tone your body.




If you become run down your energy becomes depleted, and your body lets you know. We need  time to retreat, repair, revive and revitalise our energy. Our energy is always in flux; always in motion.  Our soul is always in motion, either progressing or depressing. The soul can not stand still. We need to practise every day to ensure that the soul is receiving the food that it needs to grow. we explore some of those practises here in Zakynthos at the Energyia Holistic fitness holiday retreats. Energyia Kinetics sessions include a spiritual and mindful approach to fitness, wholeness and well-being. Techniques are woven into Energyia Holistic retreat schedules, in much the same way they can be practised at home.  Energyia Holistic Holiday retreat holidays provide you with  time-out from your usual schedule, to rejuvenate, explore and enhance your well-being on all levels. Benefits, to emotional well-being and energy reserves, are immediate.

We spend a lot of fitness holiday retreat activity time outdoors, in fresh air and pure sunlight. Whether beach walking, exercising on the beach, swimming or cycling for example, we benefit  from the direct effect of the natural sunlight and fresh air which has a direct effect on the brains hormonal system and metabolism in general. Moods improve as serotonin levels increase, balancing the soul and improving our outlook.

Energyia holistic retreat holidays include daily self spa pampering for health and beautyThe power of the sea, the rhythm of the waves, the fresh sea air and natural thalassatherapy beauty and health routines are an essential bonus on Energyia holistic holidays in Zante, also known as ZakynthosAll Energyia Holistic fitness retreat holiday locations and accommodation has been chosen because it reflects elements conducive to healing and meditation.Energyia Personal development workshops and holistic sessions

The fact that you feel so much better, with so little effort, provides great incentive! You overcome inertia, feel lighter in mood, and relaxed in spirit.

Whatever it is labelled, most people agree that energy is the force  that gives us life, providing holistic connections between mind, body, spirit and 'emotions' - 'your energy in motion' - Energyia Kinetics™

Life is loaded with energy, although it remains a mystery. Light is invisible, unless it hits a solid mass and is reflected back to your eyes again. Constant energy pours out of each of us, channelled through our speech, senses, movement, and especially our thoughts .Energyia holistic fitness holiday retreats embrace a pure, natural and holistic fitness philosophy to provide a wholesome touch to your holiday - encompassing a healing and rejuvenating process - an  inner journey of transformation, an outer journey to freedom from the restrictions that being out of touch with your body can bring! Energyia Fitness Holidays provide time out for gathering ideas for new ways of living,  expanding horizons, getting back to earth in a naturally beautiful environment. Meeting new friends, taking time to pause and reflect, food for thought, on a daily basis - all with focus on activities for body and soul.Energyia Holistic Fitness Holiday retreat activities encourage holistic management of your energy for health, vigor and happiness - a positive approach to improved health, fitness and spiritual well-being.

Energy Connections - The Great Life Force!

Wise teachers of ancient times have always referred to energy, but in different terms. Indians called the higher energy 'NAM', and the lower energy 'PRANA'. Chinese tagged it 'TAO' OR 'CHI'. Greeks saw it as 'THE LOGOS OF THE MUSIC OF THE SPHERES', Hippocrates referred to 'NATURES LIFE FORCE', Wilhelm Reich called it 'ORGONE ENERGY', Doctor Stone called it 'ORGONE ENERGY'.

Breathing and Relaxation

Pressure point reflexing techniques are included in Energyia Kinetics Beauty workouts, while on retreats in the Greek Islands this summer

For thousands of years, spiritual masters have recognized the importance of breathing to the attainment of inner peace and spiritual enlightenment.

Energyia BreathFlow™ techniques focus on breathing techniques to the control of emotions and the operation of the involuntary nervous system.

Join me with an Energyia holistic fitness holiday in Zakynthos and share your tips and techniques.



  Ancient Greek Holistic Exercise Mind Body & Spirit Pilates Connections Michele Wilburn    Energyia Kinetics

Energyia holisitc fitness holidays in the Greek Islands consist of small groups - beween 1 and 10 to ensure your personal attention.

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Many of my holiday guests arrive solo or in small groups. Everyone is welcome! We have a weekly schedule as a holiday outline, which remains flexible, allowing for spontaneity as your Energyia holistic fitness activity holiday retreat unfolds.