energyia holistic fitness activity yoga holiday retreats in zakynthos Greek islands with leading author, presenter and producer Michele Wilburn
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On Energyia Holistic retreat holidays™ in Zakynthos you'll enjoy daily self-spa pampering.

Energyia Kinetics exercise sessions take place mainly around the immediate resort in Vasilkos.


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Energyia™ Thalassatherapy with self spa pampering during holiday retreats in the Greek islands

Holiday Retreat activities include thalassatherpay self pampering

It is well documented that the ancient Greeks were fully aware of the benefits of the sea. The goddess of Love and Beauty, Aphrodite, is portrayed in beautiful form, rising from the balm of the waves.

Energyia Holistic Holiday retreats™ on the Greek Island of Zakynthos incorporate daily self spa treatments using the natural power of the sea. Seaweed loofas, sea sponges, olive oil, honey and a touch of other natural beauty boosters are used in sessions; everything you need is provided as part of your welcome pack when you arrive.

While enjoying holistic retreat holidays wth Energyia retreats in the Greek Islands on Zakynthos Zante, you have a great time indulging in self massage and retreat pampering sessions at the edge of the sea. A great way to make the most of holiday time in the Greek Islands on Zakynthos

Massage activities on Energyia retreat holidays are self pampering by the sea.

The Ionion sea on the Greek Island holiday retreats provide high salt content and are amazing for pampering

You receive an Energyia holistic retreat pamper pack when you arrive on your retreat holiday in the greek islands   Energyia holistic holiday retreat activities are designed to improve fitness through Energyia yoga, pilates and cardio conditioning, and a delightful range of holistic activities


The word 'thalassa', in Greek, means the sea.

Energyia Holistic Holiday retreat activities in Zakynthos, Zanyte in the Greek Islands, include seld pampering thalassatherapy for beauty and relaxation.Although the term has been coined in spa treatments around the world, with commercial products and treatments, the real remedies to be reaped from the sea came from the natural therapies of the ancient Greeks.

Natural therapeutic treatments use the therapeutic benefits of the sea, sand and sea water products for their vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which can heal and reinvigorate skin and hair, from the inside out.

Thalassa/self-pampering spa activities, carried out by the edge of the sea are precious for the body and soul in fighting stress, insomnia, muscular stiffness, weight and circulatory problems. Energyia holistic holiday retreat techniques combine self- massage, with blends of honey, olive oil, yoghurt, clay, sea and sand, to exfoliate, relax and refresh.

What better way to enjoy an Energyia Holistic Holiday retreat, than by turning your time on the beaches, on the Greek Island of Zakynthos, into your personal holiday spa.


The Holiday Retreat activities Energyia Kinetics Exercise Pampering  Thalassatherapy Extra activities Local transport

Location Overview Mind Body and Spirit

Zakynthos, Zante has some of the best beaches in the Greek islands

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Holistic holiday retreat activites include self spa treatments by the edge of the sea on one of the best beaches in Zante

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