energyia holistic fitness activity yoga holiday retreats in zakynthos Greek islands with leading author, presenter and producer Michele Wilburn
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Zakynthos also known as Zante is an island of extreme beauty. While on retreat holidays here in teh greek islands there are plenty of extra activities to enjoy.

Zakynthos is an island of contrasts. During your Energyia holistic fitness holiday retreats there are so many activities we may choose to fit into your schedule. many guests love to take off on a day trip to Olympia or Cephalonia. Others love the catamaran trip around the Keri Caves, where they are able to snorkle and swim and enjoy the amazing scenery.

Car and Bike Hire...  if required I can help you arrange car, motor bike/scooter, or bicycle hire, with a discount off normal rates from a reputable Zakynthos company.

Most beaches in Zante provide sunbeds with an umbrella at a surcharge for the day.

There is a limited bus service on the island of Zakynthos. Taxis are easily available, with taxi ranks in most resorts, usually with a a fixed rate for journeys. I suggest car hire if you simply enjoy the freedom of your own transport.
 Daily exercise sessions are scheduled into the retreat programme in Zakynthos, Greek islands Many excusions can be arranged from all regions in Zakynthos where Energyia holistic holiday retreats are taking place. I have chosen these regions because they enable you to enjoy many aspects of the island to the full.

Caretta caretta turtles are a symbol of the island of Zakynthos's ecology

Boat trips to the famous Blue caves in zakynthos provides an exceptional excursion while on Emergyia retreats in Zakynthos

Zakynthos also known as Zante is an island of extreme beauty. While on retreat holidays here in teh greek islands there are plenty of extra activities to enjoy.

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Zante Energyia™ Extra things to do on retreat in Zakynthos


I have recently produced a wide selection of mini YouTube videos of Zakynthos, which will help Energyia fitness holiday guests explore the variety of excursions that may be enjoyed while they are on their Energyia holistic fitness holidays.


Energyia Holisitc fitness activity holidays in the Greek islands

Zakynthos is an island of extreme beauty.  One day each week is a programme free day, with another one or two days planned as special days, with an excursion integrated into the Zante Energyia Holistic Holiday retreat programme. Our excursions are not only fun, but they help you explore the Greek island of Zakynthos, also known as Zante and enjoy the magnificence of the real beauty away from the touristy areas.

In addition, a variety of other trips can be organized. Depending on numbers, I can't always accompany you but I am delighted when I can, and will help you with information and booking excursions. There are many excursion trips around the island of Zakynthos, and numerous places of interest to visit.

In each location surrounding accommodation there is plenty to do by foot! Much of the time you may feel inclined to remain around the resort, where many activities and locations are easily attainable by walking on foot.

A variety of activities that you may wish to integrate into your Energyia Holistic Holiday retreat activity programme  include diving, sailing, water sports, snorkling, turtle spotting, island cruises, jeep safaris, trekking, horse riding and cycling; plus a wide selection of sightseeing excursions.



THE BLUE CAVES of Zakynthos at Skinari

One of the most popular and advertised attractions of the island; you can visit them with your own boat or with one of the Nefis tours.

SHIPWRECK at Navagio Bay in Zakynthos can only be reached by boat

An outing to the famous Shipwreck at navaggio bay can be arranged. I love setting off to one of the deserted bays in this region in a private boat.


Considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Zakynthos, and certainly one of the most photographed beaches in Greece, Shipwreck at Navagio Bay on the West Coast of Zakynthos can onlyu be reached by boat. The boats leaves from various departure points in Zante for Shipwreck, but the best is from the region at the lighthouse in Skinari. From here you are able to take a double boat trip to Shipwreck and the Blue Caves.

Sometimes Energyia holisitc fitness holiday guests like to take an organized tour with Nefis - other times we travel on boat and get dropped off for some time on a secluded island cove nearby.

The sea at Shipwreck is amazing - clear turquoise chalky blue - a really refreshing swim.




Eco-friendly turtle spotting in Zante

The caretta caretta loggerhead sea turtles nest in Zakynthos between May and October. They are under the protection of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos. Energyia holisitc holiday guests often include turtle spotting with a boat trip to the Keri caves and Marathonisi Island

Prices for additional excursions and activities are not included in the Energyia retreat programme fee. While you are here you are sure to want to get out and about, spending time exploring the island of Zante.

  • Boat trips, including sailing, glass bottom turtle spotting excursions, and diving
  • Museums and Art Galleries
  • Conservation walks and talks
  • Day visits to Kefalonia or Olympia,
  • Horse riding at local facilities
  • Ceramics classes, and other art classes
  • Greek cooking classes
  • Guided walks and talks in the local region of your accommodation
  • Trips to the North of the island, with boat trips to the spectacular blue caves and Shipwreck
  • Day Trips and Excursions

      Shipwreck is the most famous beach in the Mediterranean and can only be reached by boat from Zakynthos 

    Many excursions can be organized, by coach, boat and car.

  • Shipwreck; The Most famous beach in the Mediterranean, Navaggio Bay - in the North West of Zakynthos can only be reached by boat.; More than 20 years ago a coaster carrying contraband cigarettes was wrecked and washed upon the beach now known as Smugglers cove; a great day trip from Porto Vromi
  • Excursions to many of the other villages and towns in Zakynthos are really enjoyable, scenically breath-taking and provide a good outing, whether for a day or a couple of hours
  • Monasteries, caves, museums, and many other areas of interest around Zakynthos provide great site-seeing venues
  • Boat and coach tours of the island enable you to take the island in to the full.
  • The catamaran Cruise to marathoonisi and the keri Caves is another great day trip out on the sea.
  • IN October we will have an Energyia EcoFit Week in teh Vasilikos region. This will also enable us to visit an excavation of the nest of turtle hatchlings and watch the baby turtles safely making their way to the sea. 
  • Enjoy visit museums and markets as part of organized excursions.

    Numerous museums, monasteries and churches in zakynthos provide an intriguing insoight into life and culture on the island of Zante. You may enjoy group excursions to these locations.



    Exploring Zakynthos Town

    Zakynthos Town is a hive of activity during summer months; delightful by night, and charming by day. You can happily spend hours exploring the town, with museums, galleries and churches, all providing a hive of cultural activity.

    A spot of shopping is always fun!  The shops in Zakynthos town are arty, with chic boutiques scattered over several main shopping streets.

    Solomos Square and St Marcos Square are great in the evening. Numerous tavernas, cafes and bars provide really enjoyable entertainment with great food and drinks. A number of safaris can be arranged; they include foot, bicycle, motor bike, horseback, sailing, boats and jeeps. When safaris and boat trips are undertaken, care is taken to book through companies who obey wildlife guidelines.

    Cultural activties are varied and inspiring in Zakynthos, an artists colony in the Greek Islands

    The Byzantine Museum of Zakynthos is in Solomos Square. 

    The museum houses a rich collection of portable icons, a true panorama of ecclesiastical painting from the Byzantine years up to the 19th century, with around one thousand religious paintings by post-Byzantine, Ionian and Zakynthian artists. Works are exhibited by Damaskinos, Tzanes, Kallergis, Doxaras, Koutouzis and Tsonis. Although the oldest exhibits in the museum are characteristic examples of Byzantine art, the works of Panagiotis Doxaras (1622-1700), who studied in Venice, are naturalistic style and belong to the Ionian Island School. Doxaras' son Nicholas continued in the Western tradition, as did Nicholaos Koutouzis (1741-1813). whose works can be found in the museum as well as in the church of Agios Dionysios. Templa (icon screens) from the churches of the Pantokrator and Agios Dimitrios can be found in the Museum, as well as parts of the exterior of Agios Andreas of Volimes.  In addition, Hellenistic and Byzantine sculptures and statues are also accommodated here.


    Dionysis Solomos wrote what was to become the national Anthem of Greece, Ode to Liberty, in Zakynthos Town.The Solomos Museum houses the magnificent tomb of Dionysios Solomos (1798-1857) and that of the other great Zakynthian poet, Andreas Calvos (1792-1869). In the entrance is a piece of the holly bush from Strani hill in the shadow of which Solomos was inspired to write "Ode to Liberty" in May 1823 which later became the Greek national anthem.

     His poem "The Free Beseiged" written in May 1823, is also very moving. The rooms on the upper floor of the Museum contain objects that had belonged to the great poet and other distinguished Zakynthian scholars as well as collections that have been donated to the museum.
    Information: +30-695-48982


    OTHER HISTORICAL & fascinating places to visit in Zakynthos

    Depending on when you are sting here we may be able to attend a performance in the local ampitheatre in Zakynthos Town.

    The church of St Dionysios, Patron saint of the island, in Zakynthos Town, The Venetian Castle on Bohali Hill, in Zakynthos Town, The church of St Nikolaos 'on the Mole' in Solomos square, The Monastery of Anafonitria from which the nearby village takes its name, built in 14th century.
    This is where St Dionysios, patron saint of the island, spend the last years of his life.


    The ruined monastery of Our Lady 'Skopiotissa', built at the top of mountain Skopos. According to archaeologists , it was build around 1400 A.D. on the ruins of the ancient temple of goddess Artemis.


    Marathonisi is a small island in the Turtles’ bay close to Limni Kerì beach.
    The island has no habitants or buildings; it is a major nesting ground for the CARETTA CARETTA turtles to breed, and has been included in the Zakynthos’ Marine park by the WWF. You can visit the island by private boat or by organized tourists’ visits by caique and for really strong bodies you can take a canoe and maybe meet a turtle along the way. There are two beautiful beaches on Marathonisi: one is mainly pebbles, reachable by swimming from a huge cave - the other consists of a large sand area smoothly shelving into the sea.



    Accessible only by sea with private boats or tourist excursions. Along the coast there are many caves whose entrances scarcely suffice to enter when swimming, others are broad enough to enter directly with a boat. While visiting the caves it is possible to stop and swim or sunbathe in one of the many small beaches of Marathia Cape or to reach by boat the Mizitres. Mizitres are two crags very close to the cliffs that form a small beach of very fine sand reachable only by boat. We sometimnes to a sunset trip to this region which is wonderful.

    The Holiday Retreat activities Energyia Kinetics Exercise Pampering Thalassatherapy Extra activities Local transport   Location Overview
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