energyia holistic fitness activity yoga holiday retreats in zakynthos Greek islands with leading author, presenter and producer Michele Wilburn
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Energyia fitness retreats with a holistic touch allow guests the chance to enjoy the many amazing natural environments found in the Greek islands

Please observe the  requirements to support the Marine Park and Wildlife in Zakynthos while enjoying holiday retreat activities in the Greek Islands

Energyia retreats in Zakynthos provide a chance to explore the natural beauty of the Greek island in a rustic environment

Information and guidelines from the are displayed and strictly followed at all times ensuring that we cause no damage to the ecosystem which we  are privileged to have access to.

Zakynthos is a charming island with a balance of modern technology with a rustic greek flavour

 A number of boat trips in Zante

including a fantastic catamaran trip can be booked to help you enjoy the more remote locations of the National Marine Park in Zakynthos, and in particular to spot the Carretta carretta turtles at sea.


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 Energyia holistic yoga flow, fitness and self spa holiday retreats in the Greek Islands with Michele Wilburn are taking place from mid April  in the  the Greek Island of Zakynthos, also known as Zante.

energyia holisitc fgitnes retreat holidays in greece greek islands of zante


The National Marine Park of Zakynthos

While enjoying your Energyia Holistic Holiday retreat in Zakynthos with Michele Wilburn you will have the chance  to learn about the Caretta caretta turtles.

We can take a boat trip through the wonderful region of the National Marine Park pf Zakynthos to observe the Caretta caretta turtles in their natural environment and swim in the pure crystal waters of the Ionion Sea and the Keri Caves.

Caretta Caretta Loggerhead Turtles are the symbol of the ecology of the island of Zakynthos.

Two turtles mating I managed to capture on camera on a glass bottom boat trip during retreat in ZakynthosThe National Marine Park of Zakynthos is located on the Southern Coast of the island of Zakynthos. It encompasses the Marine area of Laganas Bay, the beaches, and a stretch of land adjoining them.

The National Marine Park of Zakynthos also encompasses the wetland of Keri Lake, and two small islands of Strophadia, which are situated about fifty miles south of Zante.




Caretta Caretta Loggerhead Turtles

Energyia holiday retreats in the Greek Islands of Zakynthos observe the guidelines laid down by the National Marine Park to help protect the wildlife in the Greek islands, and of ZakynthosLoggerhead turtles (Caretta, Caretta) nest in the Greek islands on Zakynthos,  Zante, which provides the most important nesting area in the Mediterranean. The objective of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos is to preserve the natural environment of the island.

The National Marine Park in the Southern part of the island acts as a refuge for native and migratory fauna; the most important nesting rookery, a habitat of essential protection, for the Loggerhead sea turtle, Caretta caretta, is located within the Marine Park. The Marine park also protects a number of species including birds, reptiles and amphibians, mammals, and bottlenose dolphins. The Caretta-Caretta sea-turtles lay there eggs at night at the beaches of Laganas and Gerakas. One of the principles of the Marine Park is the protection of nature  through the sustainable development of the region. Your contribution is essential in supporting their work. National Marine Park Stations are situated throughout the area, where Marine Park rangers act as guides and guards, providing assistance to ensure that visitors to the Marine Park are informed and observing guidelines.


Within the Marine area of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos there are restrictions that tourists are kindly asked to observe

  1. Underwater fishing is prohibited
  2. In Zone A, from Gerakas to Kalamaki, fishing is not allowed
  3. Zone B, in Laganas Bay boats are allowed only with a speed limit of 6 miles per hour; anchoring is not allowed
  4. Zone C, in the Bay of Limni Keriou to Laganas the same restrictions apply.
  5. General legislation prohibits lighting of fires, camping or bivouac.
  6. You are asked not to pick plants growing in the sand, and especially not the sea daffodils
  7. Rubbish must be contained and not thrown away thoughtlessly.

Strict access limitations to beaches

RETREATS FOR Energyia guests offer the chance to explore and swim in the most amazing crystal sea waters in the world




Although these restrictions do not apply to the beach location where the Energyia Holiday Retreat holidays is  located, there are several beaches in the main resorts that have strict limitation access to the public, before sunrise and after sunset. ( approx 7.00am to 7.00pm) You will need to consult a map upon arrival, but if visiting beaches where turtle nesting is taking place the precautions must be observed

  • Umbrellas must not be closer than 5 metres from the waterline
  • Digging in dry sand should be avoided, especially where turtle nests are found

Zakynthos’ Marine Park is located along the southern coast from the promontory of Marathia’s Cape to the beach of Gerakas, including the outback of the beaches of Limni Kerì, Laganas and Kalamaki and the Strofades, two small islands 50 nautical miles southern of Zakynthos. This area presents the main characteristics of the Mediterranean ecosystem, with sandy beaches, emerging rocks and sandy dunes, whereas in the outback there are thick pinewoods, fertile areas for the agriculture and the Mediterranean landscape with spontaneous vegetation.
The National Marine Park has been founded in 1999 with the main purpose of defending the particular fauna of the southern part of the island and of its integration with the local society.
The most important animal specimen to protect are the turtles turtles Caretta-Caretta and the Mediterranean Seals Monachus-Monachus.
The turtles are all over the areas of the Park and every year they come back to the sandy beaches south of Zakynthos to breed whereas the seals are usually seen around the bay of Laganas but they prefer the numerous caves of the western coast of the island.
In addition to turtles and seals the park intends to protect also other animal specimen:
Birds: the southern gulf of Zakynthos and the Strofades are usually visited by migrating birds, wild swans, swallows, kingfishers, and sea gulls.

Reptiles and amphibians: there are many frogs, tortoises, iguanas and soft water snakes.

Mammals: in the outback there are many porcupines and wild rabbits, whereas in the park waters it is possible to meet dolphins with the “bottle muzzle” or Tursiops Truncatus.The symbol of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos is the turtle and the head office is in Zakynthos, El. Venizelou street.


Energyia holisitc fitness holidays in the Greek Islands consist of small groups - beween 1 and 10 to ensure your personal attention.

UK telephone (0044) (0) 207 2841918

Many of my holiday guests arrive solo or in small groups. Everyone is welcome! We have a weekly schedule as a holiday outline, which remains flexible, allowing for spontaneity as your Energyia holistic fitness activity holiday retreat unfolds.






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Fitness health and beauty activities allow Energyia retreat guests a chance to revive and restore a great balance of mind body and spirit

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